Yandex.Audience segment appeared in ADFOX interface

Yandex.Audience segment appeared in ADFOX interface

From now on, ADFOX program for targeted advertising campaigns lets users apply their own audience information, as well as data from external resources. To do this, use the new tab in Yandex.Audience interface.

The main advantage of new connection is third party DMP data, which advertisers use.

Yandex audience segmentation can be set up in different ways: by email, phone numbers and even their ID. The program also recognizes users on the website.

Studying the audience behavior on the platform, you can identify its interest dependence (and vice versa). That is, using Yandex.Audience counters you can subsequently classify users by their behavior similarity and identify corresponding segments.

In addition, now users can find those who have already viewed the banner or a commercial on the website, using the Yandex.Audience in ADFOX (to show them a new ad, for example). You have to use Yandex.Audience pixel to do so.

To get new features, you need to link the working Yandex profile to the ADFOX profile following these instructions.

You can learn more at RACE 2017!

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