Nowadays, RUSSIAN AFFILIATE CONGRESS is a recognized platform, bringing together affiliate program owners and affiliate partners, advertisers and advertising platform representatives, traffic managers and bloggers, online marketing participants and e-commerce specialists.

What would participants and attendees see at RACE 2017?

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Reasons to go for race

Theoretical and practical knowledge in affiliate marketing, traffic and contextual advertising.

Exhibition of new services and industry achievements. Discounts and promotion codes from exhibitors.

Search for new partners among providers of affiliate marketing and traffic monetization services.

Convenient business communication format: conference, exhibition zone, panel discussion, workshops, and networking zone.


For attendees

Chance to examine novelties from leading industry players. RACE will allow you to obtain new knowledge and skills for developing your own business.

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For sponsors

Showing business values, increasing brand recognition, wide reach of potential audience. Announce yourself with your company at RACE!

For speakers

The congress format is easy, full of knowledge, new products, and case studies. We invite you to share your vast experience with RACE participants!

For exhibitors

Participation in the exhibition for companies aimed at sharing their own affiliate marketing solutions. You can find business partners and implement your business ideas.

For mass media

Information cooperation for those who are ready to develop and fill affiliate marketing sector with quality and relevant content together.


Conference program

Hall 2: "Advertisers stream"The 4th of October

Section "Recruiting optimization and prevention of fraud regarding partners"


  • Headhunter’s corner. How to train, hire and differentiate employees for your outsourcing.
  • Topical problems of operation transparency of partner companies.
  • Technical expertise in the field of lead generation and affiliate marketing.
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Fraud monitoring in IT: new and proven ways to combat fraud.

Konstantin Novofastovskiy - Head of ClickFrog
Konstantin Novofastovskiy - Head of ClickFrog

The speaker will tell the audience about the fraud methods faced while buying advertising using CPA, reveal how one can determine them at the early stage and explain how to find honest contractors. He will also describe how to establish an efficient control system.

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Main mistakes of advertisers when working with retargeting channel in e-commerce

Anton Melekhov - General Director at RTB House, Russia
Anton Melekhov - General Director at RTB House, Russia

In his presentation, speaker will provide information about main pitfalls, faced by advertisers (online stores) when working with retargeting channel. He will mention the most common myths and concerns of customers as well as present international case studies that disprove the bespoken "pain points".

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Hall 1: "Web masters stream"The 4th of October

Section "Globalization of affiliate marketing"


  • Which models of partnership interaction are the more effective than CPO in 2017?
  • Product diversification and localization on the Asian market through an affiliate network. Prospects and obstacles.
  • How understanding the expectations of a partner can help to increase sales.
  • Arbitration in the bourgeois market: insights and secrets of the success of operating on foreign markets.
  • Webmaster errors and their correction.
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Traffic monetization in 2017

Daniil Lombakh - Development manager, ad1.ru
Daniil Lombakh - Development manager, ad1.ru

In his report, the speaker will answer the following questions:

  • Everybody went on Facebook: pros and cons.
  • Working with mytarget, new formats.
  • Which posts result in conversion on Instagram?
  • Which vertical should a beginner choose?
  • Where to take 1000 leads per day?
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Panel discussion “Legal challenges and self-regulation issues of affiliate marketing"

We will discuss risks associated with changing legislation. In particular, the operator's failure to provide information to a private person on the processing of his personal data in partner networks, on the interaction of authorities and social networks.

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