RACE presents section "Bitcoin- exchange"

RACE presents section "Bitcoin- exchange"

On 3-4 October 2014 Bitcoin exchanges will for the first time present their affiliate programs at RACE in Moscow. Organizers of Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo to be held in "Sokolniki" this fall announced the creation of a new section of the exhibition, where all Bitcoin market participants can present their partner offerings.

Affiliate marketing is confidently capturing Runet and affiliate programs have already reached even such relatively young field of business as transactions with Bitcoin.

Today market of cryptocurrency Bitcoin provides tremendous opportunities both for large investors and ordinary people who are willing to be at the origins of independent competitive financial system of the future. Cryptocurrencies unlike analog or digital electronic currencies are not controlled by authorities and do not bear any risks of freezing accounts or transactions. Benefits from working with Bitcoin are simply incredible, and analysts predict tremendous prospects for this cryptocurrency in the future. Trading on Bitcoin exchanges confidently captures affiliate market as well.

Based on the latest global trends in affiliate marketing, RACE Expo for the first time in Russia is ready to provide Bitcoin exchanges with a platform for presentation and promotion of their affiliate programs.
Unlimited earnings and absence of financial expenditures - yes, it is possible, because popularity of affiliate programs is based on payment for the result. Attracting users to exchange website, affiliate earns a percentage of clients’ operations.

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