VKontakte imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency ads

VKontakte imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency ads

Advertisements of cryptocurrency projects will be cut down in the social network VKontakte. It was reported by the news portal vc.ru with reference to VKontakte representative Evgeniy Krasnikov.

According to him, generally, it is not prohibited to talk about the cryptocurrency in ads. It depends on every particular situation. However, there is a great possibility that posts with links to sites that provide the information about cryptocurrency will be rejected.

“We are thoroughly modernizing the advertising in similar projects because there isn’t any clear definition of the cryptocurrency in legislation,” explained Krasnikov. “One of the advertised web resources provided a detailed algorithm of working with cryptocurrency, which provoked its rejection.”

The cryptocurrency advertising is rejected with reference to paragraph 9 of VKontakte advertising publication policy.

“We are following the status of cryptocurrency in the country to correct our own advertising policy in case of any innovations,” concluded Krasnikov.

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