Trends of affiliate marketing in 2017

Trends of affiliate marketing in 2017

Summarizing results: let’s recollect the main changes that happened in affiliate marketing within the year and talk about the main trends of traffic arbitrage in 2017.

  1. Mobile offers

Together with the growth of mobile traffic, the number of CPA networks is growing. Mobile applications comprise the majority of offers. The CPI model (Cost Per Install) is coming to the foreground now. On average, prices range from 50 to 100 rubles (depending on location).

  1. Growth of gambling and betting offers

It was mentioned by several speakers at RACE conference (their presentations can be found here). Due to legal restrictions, major contextual media networks with gambling offers don’t work, unlike some teaser ads.

  1. Team play

Arbitrage is gradually evolving into a business format. Individual workers are replaced by teams, where responsibilities are divided between members, and everyone does what he is the best at. Usually, teams have bigger turnovers: they have more possibilities to maintain permanent traffic than a single specialist.

  1. Going westward

Rubble has fallen, and many web masters start paying attention to foreign offers. It has turned out that such products as wolfberries and green coffee sell well in Europe and the language barrier is not a serious problem with Google translator.

  1. New traffic sources

In 2016 much attention was paid to social media traffic (especially Facebook) and video traffic.

  1. Bring-a-friend model returns

Companies and CPA networks should try using it. Due to the widening of product choice, customers rely on recommendations rather than advertisements. This model helps to reduce the cost of lead attraction as compared to traditional means.

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