10 Free Digital Marketing Resources

10 Free Digital Marketing Resources

The internet provides us with unending amounts of free information.  Therefore, shouldn’t you be leveraging that content in order to improve your marketing message?

With content marketing becoming more and more popular, there are now countless companies that are giving away their trade secrets in order to build trust with their potential customers.  This is a huge boon to any digital marketer.  It used to be that you’d have to waste thousands of dollars with trial and error testing in order to figure out if something would work or not.  Now, you can lean on the experts and use their expertise to bypass that painful discovery process.

I use dozens of marketing tools every day.  Some cost money and some are free.  I always prefer the free resources.

Here is a list of some of my favorite resources:

SEO Information and Best Practices

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Moz is one of the best sources to stay up to day on all things SEO and Google.  They have an Google algorithm tracker that allows you to see what changes were made to the search engine and how they might affect your website.  And their blog is one of the best in the business at giving free advice and tips.

PPC Management Guide

Most guides are short and don’t give any of the meat and potatoes.  This guide, however, is one of the more substantial ones I’ve found.  Not only will you become a better PPC marketer after reading it, but you can check out their half-dozen other guides to polish your PPC game even further.

Social Media Guide

Social Media Examiner has long been considered one of the best in the industry when it comes to social media insights. You can’t go wrong with their guides or by following along with their blog.

Content Marketing Guide

Content marketing is a buzz word and can be difficult for many to wrap their heads around.  These guys demystify the process and the lingo surrounding this form of marketing.  Their guides are great and their webinars and blog will make you into a content expert in no time.

B2B Lead Generation Guide

Everyone wants to talk about B2C marketing, but what about B2B?  This guide will give you the insights you need when tackling the business to business industry.  It’s packed with great insights and actionable advice

Keywords and SEO Best Practices

Not only does SEMRUSH offer one of the best tools on the internet, they also give out great advice on their blog.  You can test drive their product for free, but there is never a charge for the good insights on their blog.

Google Algorithm Checker

Why did your site’s traffic drop?  Why did your rankings suddenly jump up?  Whatever your questions may be surrounding the Google algorithm, this tool will show you why your site was affected.  It’s one of the best free tools out there and I use it regularly.

Growth Hacking and Marketing Hacks

If you’re worried you’re not staying up to date on all the best techniques for attracting users and finding marketing loopholes, then look no further.  GrowthHackers is one of the best sites on the web for finding out all the best tips and tricks for low cost marketing hacks.

Analytics and Marketing Testing

Analytics can be boring.  But these guys make sure you understand how they affect your site and why you should be watching them.  They give great insights into the metrics that really matter.

Inbound Marketing Best Practices

Inbound marketing is content marketing’s little brother.  It’s an essential skillset to build for any digital marketer.  So, start your journey by reading up on the best practices and tips on this website.

These are just 10 quick tools that will help you dominate the digital marketing landscape.  But there are literally hundreds of others.  Let us know some of your favorite free tools in the comment section below.

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