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Facebook Buys MaxBounty CPA Network for $550 Million


In perhaps the best news the industry has seen in a while, Facebook announced their intention to buy CPA Network MaxBounty for $550 Million. This comes after a long search for Facebook to find an affiliate network they could integrate into their current business model.

What makes this really strange was that just four years ago Facebook had sued the Canadian CPA Network in a much-publicized lawsuit that was settled out of Court for Canadian pennies.

Vice President of Acquisitions, Maria Orokana  told PMI that the acquisition was natural since “MaxBounty had a lot of experience already marketing to our users, with or without our permission.”

According the the release, JP Suave will stay on with MaxBounty and also become the Executive Vice President of Affiliate Marketing. His brother Steve Suave unfortunately was not included in the acquisition, and will be returning to his previous job as a professional dog groomer.

When questioned about their previous lawsuit, Ms. Orokana told us, “We wanted to look at companies that were highly compliant and perhaps those we hadn’t sued. When we couldn’t find any network like that we settled on the Canadians, because they seemed pretty nice.”

No one from MaxBounty could be reached, as it was the Canadian National Beaver Holiday.

Source: http://performinsider.com/2014/03/facebook-buys-maxbounty-cpa-network-for-550-million/

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