RACE conference is a dialogue between the participants of the affiliate marketing market.

Our goal is to discuss new as well as proven affiliate marketing tools intended to attract customers, review ways of tracking conversions, optimize promotion and sales on social media and mobile messengers, share experience with keynote market players.

Among participants:

  • Advertisers
  • Web masters
  • CEO specialists
  • Bloggers
  • Traffic managers
  • Affiliate networks
  • Internet marketers
  • SMM
  • PR managers, account managers

Among topics:

  • Globalization of affiliate marketing: from novelties in affiliate niches to development prospects for affiliate networks in external markets;
  • Legislative problems and self-regulation issues in affiliate marketing;
  • Technological trends in affiliate marketing: from Programmatic technologies to Header Bidding and specific recommendations on the analysis of the audience’s behavior;
  • Optimization of recruiting and fraud prevention: how to prepare, hire and differentiate affiliates for outsourcing, fraud monitoring in IT and its prevention, transparency issues of affiliate companies;
  • Arbitrage and traffic monetization.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, you will be able to gain practical skills thanks to workshops.

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Anton Melekhov

General Director at RTB House, Russia

Andrey Gavrikov

A co-owner and CEO at the marketing group "Completo"

Vladimir Davydov

A co-owner and head of the project and client support department at the marking group "Completo"

Conference program

Hall 1: "Web masters stream"The 4th of October

Globalization of affiliate marketing


  • Which models of partnership interaction are the more effective than CPO in 2017?
  • Product diversification and localization on the Asian market through an affiliate network. Prospects and obstacles.
  • How understanding the expectations of a partner can help to increase sales.
  • Arbitration in the bourgeois market: insights and secrets of the success of operating on foreign markets.
  • Webmaster errors and their correction.
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Panel discussion “Legal challenges and self-regulation issues of affiliate marketing"

We will discuss risks associated with changing legislation. In particular, the operator's failure to provide information to a private person on the processing of his personal data in partner networks, on the interaction of authorities and social networks.

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Coffee break

Technical trends of affiliate marketing


  • Programmatic Advertising and Performance Marketing. What results can traffic purchase automation provide, along with targeting?
  • Practical methods of selling advertising spaces. Header Bidding vs. priority sale.
  • Customer Journey Tracking: specific recommendations. Which tool can help to analyze actions of the audience.
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Workshop "How to launch successful leadership (Influencer Marketing) campaign"

Influencer Marketing is a way to promote products and services through opinion leaders. Western marketers and promotion specialists have been recording the tremendous effectiveness of this type of marketing for a couple of years.

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Workshop "Video programmatic as an efficient performance tool for mobile"

The new ways and means of tracking and measuring necessary data on mobile devices by marketers have a positive influence on the development prospects of mobile programmatic video. We will discuss how experts can evaluate the effectiveness of their actions in the mobile segment as accurately as on desktops, and follow the changing habits of their audience.

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Workshop "Channels of traffic attraction. How have the realities and audience location changed in the recent years?"

Audience preferences as for the content and offers are changing as mobile market grows and new apps take their places. Nowadays, just bringing user to advertiser’s website is not enough to convert him into the customer, moreover that is not the main goal. Let’s talk about the ways to attract traffic, converting it to audience and how to count these groups at all platforms.

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Hall 2: "Advertisers stream"The 4th of October

Recruiting optimization and prevention of fraud regarding partners


  • Headhunter’s corner. How to train, hire and differentiate employees for your outsourcing.
  • Fraud monitoring in IT: new and proven ways to combat fraud.
  • Topical problems of operation transparency of partner companies.
  • Technical expertise in the field of lead generation and affiliate marketing.
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Main mistakes of advertisers when working with retargeting channel in e-commerce

Anton Melekhov - General Director at RTB House, Russia
Anton Melekhov - General Director at RTB House, Russia

In his presentation, speaker will provide information about main pitfalls, faced by advertisers (online stores) when working with retargeting channel. He will mention the most common myths and concerns of customers as well as present international case studies that disprove the bespoken "pain points".

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Coffee break

Panel discussion "Influence of UI/UX of your resource on conversion"

To bring the client to a desired point, correct and optimal interface solutions are required. This is especially noticeable on the mobile market, where the location and color of one button can play a decisive role for making purchase by users

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Workshop "Practices of blogs monetization and advice from bloggers: you ask, we answer"

Which tools do bloggers prefer to increase traffic in Facebook and YouTube without involving big budget? Here, we’ll not only discuss the best practices, but also learn to apply them, as well as get useful advice from bloggers.

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The workshop “The audience’s psychology. How to find “feedback killers” influencing the buyer decision process. The Client’s way”

Andrey Gavrikov - A co-owner and CEO at the marketing group
Andrey Gavrikov - A co-owner and CEO at the marketing group "Completo"
Vladimir Davydov - A co-owner and head of the project and client support department at the marking group
Vladimir Davydov - A co-owner and head of the project and client support department at the marking group "Completo"

Speakers will tell visitors about “the client’s way” and the stages where you need to encourage the client to go further. Following the analytics of the target audience in the Internet, they will help to understand what a person wants and how to provide him/her with that. Experts will speak about psychological patterns of clients typical of the Russian market and ways advertisers can use the knowledge to their advantage.

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Workshop "The problem of transparency and traffic driving up, and ways of its neutralization"

Paying low quality traffic and working with not loyal audience brings low results as well as requires a lot of resources. Conversion is running low and depression factor become huge for advertisers. Let’s talk how to achieve traffic transparency and set apart target audience from the rest.

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Hall 1 "Mobile & Traffic"The 5th of October

Mobile affiliate marketing


  • Chat bot monetization though affiliate programs.
  • Mobile web monetization: price and solutions.
  • Difficulties of cross-device attribution in affiliate marketing.
  • Disadvantages of mobile analytics.
  • Increasing conversion on the example of Facebook.
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Coffee break

Arbitration and traffic monetization


  • End-to-end multi-channel analytics of content marketing.
  • Life hacks for traffic monetization and maximizations of benefits through affiliate network.
  • Creation of e-commerce mass product through video and advertising in social networks.
  • Retargeting automation in social networks.
  • Monetization of educational traffic.
  • Sources of reliable traffic in Russia.
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Workshop "Creating the best content to boost your conversion"

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