Secrets of text analyzer

Secrets of text analyzer

Some SEO specialists use the results of text analysis as an automatic generation system of requirements specifications for copywriters. However, the tool has much more powerful capabilities and can be used to bring website to the top of search results quickly. In fact, the task of optimizer is correct interpretation and deep analysis of the results provided by the program, as well as understanding how to optimize the webpage more effectively on the basis of the received data.

Operation principle of text analyzer

The operation principle is as following: System sorts requests, highlighting certain words and short phrases, analyzes the occurrence of words in various word forms and gives the best possible values.

To bring the site to the top regarding one of the queries, optimizer has to analyze information on the number of accurate occurrences of the query on webpages that are already in the top.

SEO analysis expert Alexey Chekushin advises to discard extreme (too high or low) values and select an averaged figure. If there are several related queries, valid value ranges overlap each other and then optimizer has to find out how many specific phrases the text should have. For example, there are two related phrases “buy wooden door” and “wooden door”. The latter is the part of the former one, and this must be taken into account when calculating the number of occurrences.

Capabilities of text analysis

1. Text analysis can tell you about the structure of the top pages content.

On the basis of the results provided by the system, you can see what text needs in order to get to the top. You need to pay attention to the text size, the number of fragments with occurrences of search requests, the number of occurrences of the keyword phrases in the hyperlink titles, query density, and so on.

2. Text analysis allows you to optimize home page and deep pages properly.

Optimization of home page and deep pages may vary. The top includes websites, where search requests are placed only on the main page, and also resources with almost identical optimization of the home and deep pages. Therefore, in order to decide how to promote the website regarding specific queries, it is necessary to analyze the information generated by the system.

3. Text analysis helps to understand how to use low-frequency queries.

The low-frequency queries can bring the site not only to the top 10, but also to the first positions in the search results. The main thing is to use them properly. For example, the query “Greece hotels 5 star all-inclusive first line” has good frequency, but the top has no webpages that are completely relevant to the query. It means that if to provide an accurate occurrence of all eight words, the optimized page might be brought to the first place of the top.

Thus, if you know how to analyze the data provided by text analyzer correctly, such tool may be very effective for website promotion.

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