What is doorway?

What is doorway?

Doorway is a network optimization technique that has a bad record. It allows you get high traffic level almost free with maximum process automation. However, a lot of "junk" content is produced when using it, neither search engines nor users are friendly to it.

What is doorway?

Promotion of a group of third-rate topical web resources to the tops of search engines and transfer their visitors to affiliate sites are the main goals of doorway. This is one of the models of CPA-marketing. Let's look at what doorway traffic is.

Doorway traffic is not very highly valued on the Russian market, as it represents the complete victory of quantity over quality. Webmasters using doorways are considered to be representatives of the "dark" side of CPA-marketing. Popular brands are afraid of "messing up the name" using it.

However, doorway pages s are pretty popular in the English-speaking segment. This does not mean that experts there are more flexible, it just considered as a large number of effective tools, as well as a good income. Examples of Western affiliate networks:

  • Paysale;
  • Adcombo;
  • Nutra;
  • Cashinpills;
  • Leadbit;
  • Bizprofits.

However, do not rush for easy money until you understand all the ground rules of doorway. Even with the maximum automation of most processes and low expenses, you need to be able to work with doorway pages. Have a look at the process in more detail.

How to make money in CPA using doorway

CPA affiliate networks are mainly based on arbitration. However, not everyone can or want to invest money. Doorways are also among the top three ways to earn money on CPA without investment. Nevertheless, some investments will still be required. CPA using doorway pages is as follows.

First, you need to register domains and purchase hosting. You can use free testing offers for a period of 1-2 months for a short-term campaign. Next, you need to connect each domain to the hosting and add the information on the topic that you are engaged in to resources.

Then put links for indexing in the texts, and after that you will be able to start the basic work – the selection of keys and the creation of texts. Special programs perform both, but you need to control the process.

Services like KeyKollector and KeyWordKeeper will help with the keys. Generating the Web, Seo Anchor Generator or online tools LinksFarm.ru and SeoGenerator.ru are great for unique texts creation.

When SEO-texts are on the site, you need to start with advertising banners for high-quality conversion and traffic. The more interrelated doorway domains lead to the affiliated site, the more traffic and money there will be. Advanced doorway specialists may have about fifty.

However, remember that doorway pages are loaded with low-quality automatically generated content, so the search engines eventually block them. But, as we have already mentioned, doorway is about quantity, not quality. Doorway pages are created quickly and without much effort, so the loss will not be painful.

According to CPAseti.ru, "It's like an endless race for new ideas, new projects and constant experiments."

The profit from doorways in 2018 is expected to become one of key elements of CPA.

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