CPA networks: what they are and how to use them to generate profit

CPA networks: what they are and how to use them to generate profit

Online advertising is taking over modern marketing, and its main tool is CPA affiliate networks. These are intermediaries, uniting advertisers and distributors (also called publishers).

Affiliate programs not only help them find each other and start mutually beneficial cooperation but also perform other important functions. We suggest looking into this issue in more detail.

How CPAs work

Beginning webmasters and advertisers settling in the network often have questions like "CPA networks – what are they? What’s the point of Cost Per Action system and why is it so popular?"

The heart of the system is in paying for the target action, when the webmaster brings the potential customer to carrying it out and the advertiser sees the result that he pays for.


Accounting and calculating performed actions, translating them to their monetary equivalent and issuing earnings to the publisher – all these things are handled by CPA-networks. They also make paper agreements with advertisers, develop partnership terms with them and are responsible for selecting webmasters.


Networks provide professional advice, but the final look of the offer (advertisement) depends only on the advertiser. This type of announcement includes all the partnership terms: the type of action that the user must perform, time limits, type or geographic traffic restrictions, allowed advertising techniques, an affiliate link for traffic redirection and, of course, the reward amount.


The webmaster is free to choose between several ways of implementing the campaign or combining them. For example, you can use traffic arbitrage. When working with this pattern, you need to buy a banner or a referral link in search engines or social networks. Arbitrage means expenses but reliably delivers targeted traffic. And with the right approach, profits significantly exceed losses.

Some experts choose email-distribution as a tool, using carefully selected customer databases and services like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Pechkin-mail. However, in this direction, there is a big threat of becoming spam-like, which contradicts with the CPA principles, although it was developed in its shadow segment.

Social networks are popular among CPA specialists as well. With good SMM manager skills and several popular pages, they can help you get a record amount of traffic.

And the basis of the entire CPA affiliation is getting traffic from the owned websites. This method involves a large investment of time and having specific skills like SEO, but it is distinguished by its stability. In the shadow segment, doorways serve similar purposes, but low quality content on temporary sites is not approved neither by search engines nor by clients, and most advertisers avoid it as well.

It's not that hard to understand how CPA affiliates work but it's easier to do it in the process of cooperation itself.

Particular characteristics of CPA affiliation

When talking about the secrets of profitable work with CPA affiliates, it should be noted that the shady contractual relations prevailing in this segment of the market strongly influence campaign profitability for both the performer and the customer.

A good negotiator will be able to conclude an offer on the most favorable terms for him. The advertiser should state all conditions and restrictions in detail, as well as carefully check traffic quality.

It seems a bit counterintuitive, but a beginner-webmaster should avoid offers that are too detailed. The simpler the task is, the easier it will be to fulfil all the conditions. Choose products and services, only when you are absolutely confident that they can interest your audience.

Examples of CPA networks:

  • KissMyAds;
  • Shakes;
  • Admitad;
  • TradeLeads;
  • GdeSlon etc.

Affiliation is an effective way of promoting your product online, but CPA marketing does not end here. Read about other affiliate marketing techniques on our portal.

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