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Conference Sponsor


Conference Sponsor

Exclusive sponsorship (afforded only to one sponsor).

1. Ability to include the sponsor’s speaker in the agenda and conduct workshops, seminars and other educational activities at the conference.

2. Featuring the sponsoring company’s logo and information in the exhibition catalog – on the second catalog cover.

3. The logo and branding the conference agenda with the sponsor's logo on the website.

4. Featuring the logo on RACE website.

5. The logo as general partner of the conference on conference banners.

6. Playing the sponsor’s video before and after the beginning of the conference.

7. Ability to distribute the sponsor’s printed matter at the conference.

8. Ability to make a one-time advertising mass mailing to the registered visitors of the expo and conference (we perform mass mailing and we do not share the mailing list database)

9. The logo on printed and promotional materials of the conference.

10. Floor mounted banner (eclipse) in the lobby and conference hall (provided by the sponsor).

11. Two (2) tickets to the conference.

Package price:

300,000 rubles

2 days

(from 10.00 to 18.00).