Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo
24-25 OCTOBER 2013, MOSCOW
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Why to Visit

Timely receipt of information, the ability to analyze it, as well as business networking to effectively use it are the keys to successful business. Whatever is your line of business – these are the three components that a successful business is impossible without.

The purpose of visit to any industry event is to acquire new knowledge and build relationships as they are the high yield assets that can help you survive any meltdown or recession.

By visiting RACE you will

  • Get the necessary knowledge in the field of Internet marketing.
  • Hear new information that will help you expand your business.
  • Learn about the new programs.
  • Find partners and investors.
  •  Learn about new promotions, as well as get a chance to use them.

Your visit to RACE is the acquisition of knowledge and contacts in one of the most promising lines of business.