Forget the past: 5 relevant on-page SEO strategies

Forget the past: 5 relevant on-page SEO strategies

 Rand Fishkin, CEO at Moz listed 5 on-page SEO strategies that should be chalked up in 2017.

  1. Do not focus on the amount of keywords

Rules prescribing the exact number of keys for a certain amount of symbols have already become out-of-date. The desire to cram content with keywords will lead to a degeneration of its quality. As a result, one of the most important ranking factors today – behavioral characteristics of the site will decrease.

  1. Work with users’ needs

To determine users’ needs you should do a little research using any keyword selection service. The next task is to develop appropriate content. And keywords may be added later.

  1. Relevant phrases are crucial

Your content should contain keywords and phrases from the query – it is the evidence of their usefulness for search engines. That's why Google ready-made answers often include websites that do not have top SERP positions, but provide information in the appropriate format instead.

Use SEO tools to find relevant phrases, as well as explore the ready-made answers of your topic and refine the content using them as an example.

  1. Amount of links is a minor point

Previously, it was possible to promote even low-quality page using anchor links. Currently, pages with fewer links, but better content and behavioral metrics are more beneficial.

  1. Optimize website in general rather than separate pages

In addition to the domain authority, search engines began to assess credibility of thematic resources. Therefore, it is necessary to create an association between the website and relevant content environment, optimizing the resource in general.

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