ADWORDS to allow evaluating offline conversions

ADWORDS to allow evaluating offline conversions

Internet advertising not always leads to online conversions, but it can influence the way a customer behaves offline. In many cases customers buy products offline after seeing them on the website or in the Internet store. But how can we track efficiency of advertising campaigns in this case?

For this purpose AdWords offers a new function – Conversion Import for Salesforce. Thanks to this function advertisers will be able to evaluate offline conversions, which resulted from contextual ad clicks. Due to interconnection between services, marketing specialists will be able to define what kinds of advertisements attract more customers.

How does the new function work? When user clicks on your advertisement and is redirected to the website, he is given a unique Click Identifier (GCLID). Data will be stored in cookies, and AdWords will send it to Salesforce. It will help to define, which click resulted in the purchase of the product. Obtained information can be used for correcting campaigns and detecting products that can attract customers.

Google promises to make import generally available till the end of the year. Meanwhile one can use this function only by invitation. 

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