Yandex loses positions in the market

Yandex loses positions in the market

According to statistical data from Yanex, the weight of the search engine in Russia has decreased almost by 2%. Company representatives explain it with high competition from Google. They believe that the latter violates the antimonopoly legislation and ignores its instructions. Due to this fact, statistics of search engine popularity has increased from 36.6 to 39%!

Asya Melkumova, representative of Yandex, explained the situation with the fact that Google forces manufacturers of mobile gadgets to pre-install their search engine. It influences the market share of other market players.

Yandex reached its popularity peak in 2011 (60%), and it managed to maintain this position until 2012. But starting from February the situation changed, and Yandex market share in Russia started to decrease substantially. Meanwhile, Google was gradually gaining popularity thanks to proprietary Chrome browser and operational system for Android.

Today, Yandex share rarely exceeds 40%, but if the company finds a partner and creates a service that will be pre-installed on mobile devices, this number can soar to 70%.

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