Illya Sidorov, specialist on new products and solutions at Google, has outlined the main changes in AdWords in 2016. We present the main points of his report.

Firstly, all marketing specialists will evaluate the new interface:

  • responsive layout for various types of devices;
  • universal menu for all types of campaigns;
  • vertical structure of the menu, frequently used functions are located atop;
  • targeting and settings of bidding are included into the main menu;

The view of the account will be updated as well:

  • the homepage containing the main information will be changed;
  • search and web views benchmarks;  
  • flexible adjustment and location of blocks and visualization.

There will be an opportunity to assign different bids for different types of devices. The size of text ads will be increased to 140 characters. Media advertising will tend to the native format. To process local queries, AdWords will use capabilities of Google maps.  

Updated AdWords also includes audience targeting of search ads:

  • remarketing lists for search ads;
  • targeting lists of electronic addresses;
  • demography for search ads;
  • similar audiences for search ads.

Besides, for remarketing AdWords will allow making algorithmic purchases in other networks – with the same formats and bidding and flexible targeting. 

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