Customer Journey Tracking “from A to Z”. Presentation by Nadezhda Balakina at RACE 2017

Customer Journey Tracking “from A to Z”. Presentation by Nadezhda Balakina at RACE 2017

Nadezhda Balakina, the head of content department at email marketing platform ExpertSender, will become a speaker of RACE 2017 conference.

Nadezhda will deliver a presentation in the stream for web masters on October 4. Her speech will be dedicated to Customer Journey Tracking – a set of marketing tools aimed to track and analyze the audience behavior. The speaker will provide specific recommendations and teach how to understand potential customers.

The main theses of the presentation:

  • methods of Customer Journey Tracking: pixel, goals, internal tracking on the website, behavior after newsletters;
  • tasks of Customer Journey Tracking: how to understand the consumer, form an impression of the brand, choose a strategy and technology, analyze data;
  • integration of CRM and SaaS platforms as a key factor of tracking and relevancy of Customer Journey Mapping; tools, tracking criteria, and types of integrations;
  • customer segmentation and customization of goods: how to create a personalized and relevant offer; process automation.

Nadezhda Balakina is an email marketing expert. Currently, she is working at ExpertSender company that developed a platform to run, analyze, and manage email newsletters. Nadezhda is the head of content department and teaches courses on email marketing in the educational center ExpertSender University.

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