What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is one of the effective ways to promote products or services on the Internet, in addition to CPA networks and CPA marketing. It is based on a principle that the company uses opinion leaders as advertising tools. This method of promotion is constantly gaining momentum: people listen to bloggers, and it does work.

“Leader” can be represented by almost everyone. For the customer, important aspects are people’s attitude to a particular person, audience’s trust and several tens of thousands of subscribers. Target audience of each blogger is importance as well. This aspect should be taken into account when choosing a person who will become part of your advertising campaign.

“Influence” can mean not only a particular person, but also a brand or another company. If people trust them in any issues – you can start to work with them.

An important rule of influencer marketing is to make the advertising looks not like an advertising, that is to make it “native” using a popular personality. For example, users will trust their favorite blogger more than any 5 second advertisement on YouTube or TV.

How does Influencer Marketing work?

There is a lot of ways for working with opinion leaders. Three main and most often applied forms of cooperation are:

  • sponsorship publications in blogs;
  • publication of branded content in social networks;
  • publication relating to a product/service on behalf of a popular person.

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What are the purposes of Influencer Marketing?

In general, there are seven main goals that many companies pursue, when using opinion leaders to promote their brand:

  • increase of target audience awareness about the company or brand;
  • formation and attraction of necessary target audience;
  • improvement of search results;
  • presentation of product functionality;
  • involvement of audience on the company's pages in social networks;
  • explode negative feedbacks about the product;
  • increase confidence in the brand.

Are there any challenges in Marketing Influence?

This type of marketing will always be risky. For example, you can’t be guaranteed against negative feedback from any opinion leaders, their criticism or poor-quality content. Even the most famous brands once faced such a problem.

The second drawback is either a huge number of opinion leaders in one topic, or their complete absence in another. You are lucky, if your company works in the field, which features a lot of bloggers. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to find the right person.

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