AdWords improved targeting and analysis tools

AdWords improved targeting and analysis tools

Just before the holidays, Google AdWords launches a series of updates designed to adjust ads targeting. In addition, a new Promotions tab will allow you to add information about promotions, special offers and discounts to advertising.

The updates were working in testing mode for almost a year and now they are finally available for all users.

Another Google AdWords update - Special audiences. This add-on selects most promising users on the network who are interested in the offered product or service and displays the ads to them. The materials published by advertisers will be shown to users searching specific offers. This add-on covers the entire contextual Google network.

There is also a new statistics tool. A feature called Ad Variations analyzes data and allows you to find out how will the ad effectiveness change when you make changes in the message. And you can test just the one campaign as well as several at once, or even the entire account. As a result, the user gets analytics of thousands of ads in just a few clicks.

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