AdSense: are new ad formats safe for online platforms?

AdSense: are new ad formats safe for online platforms?

Google AdSense has presented three native advertising formats: in-feed, in-arcticle, and matched content. However, western experts state that their application can do harm to websites.

Glenn Gabe, a famous SEO developer, thinks the same. According to him, in case of similarity between the content of website and advertisements, Google can apply sanctions.

Google uses the Page Layout algorithm. It conducts the quantitative analysis of content and ads and their correlation. To remain unaffected by the algorithm, you should make sure that any user is able to easily find interesting proprietary content.

Anyway, there are people with a different point of view, for example, Michael Martinez, a western SEO specialist. He comments that his company has been using the recommended content function on several online platforms for over a year and has not received a single complaint from Google. What is needed to be done is to mark the announcements with the “advertising” sign, seen by every website user.

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