3 case studies for conversion boosting

3 case studies for conversion boosting

Marketers do their best in order to make average website visitors brand clients. There is no shortage of methods to be listed in one article so we have chosen three the most effective ones. Look at the cases of lead generation allowing to boost conversion by 16-252%.

Case 1: make CTA visible

Open Mile had no complaints about the traffic but its conversion was pretty low - 5.95%. It took a long time to detect a problem: in fact, a call-to-action button was placed near other buttons and background information, which made CTA invisible.

The company changed CTA position so that it had a lot of free space around and singled out among all the information. As a result, the conversion raised to 15.11%.

Case 2: limit user interface elements

Wide choice always evokes doubts preventing users from an action. Landing developer Unbounce had bitter experience in it. The online constructor offered four tariffs for participation in the program Learn Unbounce in 30 minutes. No sooner had the company removed one tariff than the number of subscribers grew by 16.93%.

Case 3: mind target audience

The first thing a marketer does before launching an advertising campaign is learning peculiarities of the target audience. However, some of them forget about vital factors trying to stay at the top level. Let’s have a look at BrookdaleLiving, a company that helps aged people with accommodation.

Two versions of landing were tested: with a photo of an elderly woman and a video review. In most cases, the second variant is more popular among users but the experiment proved the other thing: landing with a photo showed 3.92% conversion while video – 0.85%. The point is that many aged clients of the company simply didn’t manage to watch a video for the reason of a slow Internet connection.

Source: yagla.ru

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