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Winning finish of RACE 2016

October 7, Moscow, Novotel Moscow City, the best affiliate marketing players - experts and newcomers - were brought together at the fifth international affiliate marketing Congress RACE 2016. How was it?

RACE 2016 started at 3.30 p.m.!

The demonstration zone met attendees with holiday atmosphere. Meaningful communication was predetermined, because exhibitors included affiliate marketing professionals: Marketcall, Solar Staff, Leaddealer, Trade, and M.I.R. content provider.

Prior to the conference, the demo zone lecturers included presentations of such companies as Hi Conversation, Adv-Cake, Wondersoft with their best cases.

One managed to review the Russian Federation domestic market and to get acquainted with realias of foreign affiliate marketing markets. This year, RACE was attended by guests from the farness: Italy, France, Spain, and the USA. Foreign affiliate marketing participants were glad to share their experience with Russian companies.

Then, there was a crossway of the congress: besides the demo zone, a professional conference took place in two sections: for web masters and advertisers. Affiliate marketing experts and innovators gave their presentations on relevant and innovative topics. Speakers included: Artem Prokofev, Sergey Khitrov, Alexey Molchanov, Alexander Koshkin, Matteo Monari, Alexander Melkumyants, and many others.

The next part of RACE was the networking session on the topic: «Omnichannel marketing».

In the evening motion paths were highlighted by victorious lights of RACE Awards statuettes owners. The following companies became winners: Amarkets,, Zorka.Mobi, M.I.R. content provider, and eTXT copywriting exchange.

Even musical beats couldn’t dial down noise from endless negotiations and dialogues. Communication in professional and interesting company was overtaking.

All congress participants came in and received such prizes as obtained contacts, knowledge and communication.

See you at RACE 2017!

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