Successful examples of three companies: how to attract target audience in Instagram

Successful examples of three companies: how to attract target audience in Instagram

Like any other method of promotion, Instagram marketing has its peculiarities and tricks which allow gathering loads of loyal subscribers in a short period of time. Such brands as Frank Body, Ouai and Onepiece have become extremely popular by virtue of correct product promotion in Instagram. So, what have they done?

Инстаграм маркетинг кейсы

Success story of Frank Body Company

The Australian startup Frank Body manufactures coffee scrub. A character who promotes the product - Frank - is extraordinary and insolent. He can call a subscriber “babe”; he cracks dirty jokes and posts photos several times a day.

According to the cofounder of a startup Erika Geraerts, it was very difficult to promote a product which looked like dirt in a jar. Besides, they didn’t want to use clichés and lofty phrases. And then the idea appeared that they could communicate simply and frankly on behalf of Frank. And it worked.

Let’s find out about main secrets of success of the startup:

  • peculiar presentation – Frank’s voice – which is, in fact, the voice of scrub telling subscribers how to use it correctly;
  • great sense of humor, funny ambiguous phrases, honesty, straightforwardness – which is highly estimated in social networks;
  • correct brand positioning – users treat it as a friend who entertains them and gives useful advice;
  • constancy in a chosen method of promotion – a definite presentation of material and regular activity;
  • “Patience, persistence and doing dirty work” (Erika Geraerts).

The company didn’t spend time and money on traditional advertising campaigns but focused solely on the promotion in Instagram. As a result, they have got 682 000 subscribers, 1.5 mln of sold products in 149 countries within 3 years. They’ve also got an opportunity to open branches of the company in Russia and UAE.

Инстаграм маркетинг кейсы

Success story of Ouai Company

Ouai Company is engaged in the sale of hair care products. The founder of the company – the hairstylist Jen Atkin – has also chosen Instagram account as the main ground for promotion. By the way, she had started to make fuss over the brand before products went on sale.

The hairstylist has gathered subscribers in a natural way and by virtue of acquaintanceship. Jen keeps a blog Mane Addicts and has more than 1.2 mln subscribers on her personal page because she is good at writing about her life and work with celebrities. She also publishes lots of travel photos.

The method of attracting subscribers by Jen Atkin:

  • chose a sensible strategy of brand promotion with the help of existing experience;
  • mention your new product occasionally and don’t turn your personal account into an advertising ground;
  • use your personal connections – lots of celebrities whom the hairstylist knows have mentioned Ouai products in their accounts.

As a result, she gathered 65 000 new subscribers within 3 months. Lots of them have become loyal customers.

Инстаграм маркетинг кейсы

Success story of Onepiece Company

The Norwegian company Onepiece has been engaged in manufacturing jumpsuits for almost 10 years. The philosophy of the brand is quite unusual – the propaganda of unfussy lifestyle and complete negation of fashion. According to the founder of the company Thomas Adams, people shouldn’t evaluate themselves judging on their busyness, ideal appearance and trendy clothes. By the way, the idea is popular among hipsters.

Key ideas of promotion in Instagram by Onepiece:

  • photos comprise a universal language which helps to enter an international market;
  • it is important to create a distinct narration and particular visual style – the account has photos of couples lying in comfortable jumpsuits in bed and eating popcorn;
  • collaborate with bloggers whose stories will strengthen the brand image;
  • the easiest way of entering the international market is to take photos of celebrities using the product of the company;
  • it is vital to plan in advance.

Thanks to such a strategy of Instagram marketing, Onepiece account has about 190 000 subscribers with the brand being recognized around the world. 

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