Yandex.Metrica has extended its functionality

Yandex.Metrica has extended its functionality

Yandex.Metrica representative Aleksandra Kulachikova has presented new possibilities of the service. From now on, Quick Segments allows to receive data immediately, and Cross Device option provides more accurate traffic data.

New function Quick Segments allows to get all information on the resource views, including traffic channels. A publisher can set a tracker on AMPs, turbo pages and Facebook instant articles so that later, they will compare traffic of various pages. Metrica will help to define how different formats influence traffic.

The tracker can be easily installed and has a lot of cons:

  • simple traffic tracking of usual and accelerated pages;
  • accurate defining of traffic channels;
  • limitless traffic volume;
  • statistics can easily be provided for accelerated and usual pages separately.

In Cross Device section, one can find the accurate data on the resource traffic. Unlike Yandex.Metrica, most services take people accessing a web site from several gadgets for different users. Here, the analysis is carried out by machine learning via login and user ID.

You can learn more at RACE 2017!


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