Online personalization of e-mail marketing

Online personalization of e-mail marketing

When automating mailout, most marketers take into account patterns of past customer behavior only. However, there are already tools that allow you to change the contents of letter, depending on the time of its reading or geographic location of users. Aleksey Rakhmanin will tell how to personalize letters online.

Aleksey Rakhmanin is a specialist in business solutions at ExpertSender Russia company – one of the largest platforms for professional email marketing. Since March 2016, together with his colleagues, he has been developing domestic startup – AgileMail. Aleksey is sure that their technology will change the whole idea of email marketing, making mailout unique and relevant for every subscriber.

Topic of his report – Automation of email marketing. AgileMail – mailout technology of the future. The speaker will cover the following issues:

  • challenges of modern email marketing automation;
  • AgileMail technology and new opportunities it offers;
  • successful cases on the use of AgileMail.

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