The new patent will allow Google to know everything about users

The new patent will allow Google to know everything about users

Google issued a new patent “Systems and methods of users location generating” in October. It will allow the Internet giant to track the exact users location throughout the day.

The new technology is able to detect the user's geolocation more accurately than GPS data does. Now Google will be able to find out where you had breakfast today and what is your favorite cafe for dinner.

To get this information Google plans to gather data from multiple sources and different types of devices. Apart of GPS data they will consider:

  • search history;
  • sent and received emails;
  • images;
  • routing requests;
  • social network posts;
  • mobile payments receipts.

As a result Google will be able to get a full picture of the user's day split by hours and visited places. The collected data can be checked in your account. It is where you can block the access for such kind of personal information as well.

The company has not yet made any official statements about the date when new patent will be brought to the market. Many of the Google patents remained concepts. If this development will be implemented, it may become a big step in the evolution of a local search, geotargeting and location based marketing.

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