What Internet marketing technologies will be successful in 2018?

What Internet marketing technologies will be successful in 2018?

Internet marketing continues to evolve rapidly and, as it did before, borrows a share of the market from traditional advertising methods. It’s not surprising, because 2017 can be characterized by a lot of interesting developments in the digital marketing sector, including improvements in video content and voice search, as well as extensive use of artificial intelligence.

To stay in trend, it is necessary to both develop new promotion strategies and technologies and adapt the existing strategies as much as possible. And 2018 is not far off. So what do we expect in the online marketing environment?

Evolution of video content

  • Live broadcasts. Live broadcasts will be a huge thing in 2018. It’s been repeatedly confirmed that such videos are viewed several times more often than previously recorded ones. And the increase of shooting time range and new functions appearing on such social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat confirm this statement.
  • Selling commercials. Explainers are a video clip format, where a product or service are described quickly and simply. This allows a person to see the product in action. So, for example, if the online store profile contains not only the usual text characteristic of the product, but also a video, the user won’t read the text.
  • Mobile video advertising. According to the Record, next year’s mobile advertising expenses will reach $18 billion. This means that the number of ad videos viewed on smartphones and tablets will increase by 25%.

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Artificial intelligence and chat bots

Analysts suggest that the use of robotic programs to attract audience will increase even more in 2018. Since the content suggested by such programs will meet the users’ needs.

Chatbot is a virtual assistant controlled by artificial intelligence. It is assumed that by 2020, chatbots will provide 85% of services with client interaction.

Trendy mobile devices

People are using PC less and less and are actively switching to smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you need to adapt your website for mobile devices not to lose customers.

Email marketing makeover

Email newsletters will become more informative and thoughtful, but at the same time brief and less annoying. It is assumed that email newsletters are most effective when they are sent out once a month and consist only of several short messages.

The irreversible progress of viral advertising

In 2018, viral content will also progress. Marketers believe that the use of viral advertising increases brand recognition among Internet users.

Individualism is no longer popular

In 2018, communities of interest will be popularized, in which it will be convenient for marketers to promote the brand. Here, it’s important to publish stories, that will make clients understand that the company works for the common good.

Blogs are opinion leaders

Online blogs continue to flourish. Almost every company has its own blog, where it publishes news about its achievements and innovations, motivating success stories of employees and clients, analytical materials on relevant topics and much more.

Blogs remain an excellent platform where users can exchange comments, discuss problematic issues and share experiences. This helps the company to monitor its activities and meet the needs of the target audience.

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