In order to attract traffic you have to do a big job, including creation of convenient and clear website and menu structure, as well as webpages. Only in such a way it is possible to outstrip rivals.

First of all it is necessary to study user demand. The resource is to be analyzed and all pages are to be marked with titles, heading elements (H1) and descriptions, which will include frequently used key words.

If keyword effectiveness index is high it makes sense to write texts for websites.

All pages are to be optimized and everything unneeded is to be put away. Structure should be edited and specified. For example if online store sells baby carriages, the section should be marked as “Baby carriage”.

While redesigning the website you should edit titles and check indexation in JavaScript. All extra user actions are to be eliminated. Webpages should be divided into groups. For example, for tourism the optimization will be as following: tour + country, last minute tour + country, etc.

Use words that attract and kindle users’ interest, including key words of related topics.

Content attracts traffic gradually. In a year high-quality contents may increase traffic ranking by 16 times or even more.

Geography also matters. For different regions subdomain are to be created. Robots.txt is to be designed for each of them, and everything unnecessary – news or articles regarding another regions – are to be closed. Website should have a minimum number of replicated files, sections and descriptions.

To sum up, traffic may be increased by: 

  • clear structure;
  • elimination of unnecessary pages;
  • availability of commercial inquiries;
  • high-quality SEO during redesigning;
  • regional traffic and creation of sections.

Each item is to be monitored and controlled regularly, if possible.

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