Discount Marketing - a new tool for webmasters by

Discount Marketing - a new tool for webmasters by

Edu-affiliates experts offer a new vision of marketing for webmasters. Based on the idea of using coupon codes it created an original, comfortable and quite powerful tool that allows you to attract more customers and generate more revenue by increasing conversion rate.
This tool, called the Discount Marketing, is a unique in its kind: there is no other company in this field that can provide you with this type of promo. 

How does Discount Marketing work?

  • Webmasters who work with Edu-affiliates have an opportunity to generate their own coupons. Webmasters can select the coupon’s time-span, the discount amount and other options.
  • Discounts are available on all platforms - websites, social networks, closed groups, Twitter, etc.
  • Customers who use coupons for their first order are automatically connected to the webmasters account.
  • Using the optional referral link is not required. Even if a customer clicks on another link and then use your coupon, system will "relate" it with your account.
  • Data on the number of used coupons and their income added to the system of general statistics.
  • You do not have to deal with batches of new tables. We have implemented a comfortable tracking system and added flexible options for managing coupons and group of coupons.

You can customize the statistics system disregarding the distribution methods you want to use. Webmaster can combine coupons in groups based on certain attributes, track the conversion of these groups or the effectiveness of each coupon separately - try different options and decide which on is more convenient for you.

Does Discount Marketing work?

Yes, the system has been tested with the following results:

  • Discount coupons substantially increase conversion rate.
  • In tests five to seven coupons posted on public sites, bring two to three sales a day (just posting coupons on open areas, webmasters received about $100 per day).
  • Web masters who are already working with Discount Marketing and post their coupons considerably increase their income.
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