What is affiliate program and how to make money with its help?

What is affiliate program and how to make money with its help?

Affiliate programs for monetization of business

How affiliate programs boost sales

Affiliate program is a type of business cooperation between a vendor and partners. It allows boosting sales and cutting advertising expenses.

Most frequently such kind of partnership is used in B2B models, where companies work for business owners rather than end users.

Types of affiliate programs and their advantages

Cost per sale

Cost per sale – an affiliate program that allows making money on sales. When a buyer follows an affiliate link and buys a product, the publisher gets a percentage from the purchase sum.

Cost per action

There is another affiliate program that implies paying remuneration for the performed action. It is called cost per action. Example: to fill in the registration form or to subscribe for the news.

Increasing website traffic

This affiliate program combines several types:

  • cost per click – an advertiser pays money to search engines each time a user clicks a banner or an advertising link.
  • cost per view – a publisher pays for the number of views of an advertisement or a banner.
  • cost per install – the payment depends on the number of downloads of an application, game, document, etc.

What are the benefits of affiliate programs for advertisers?

The main benefit of affiliate programs for publishers is the fact that affiliates are paid only for the results of executed work. It means that the amount of remuneration depends on the number of subscribers, clicks or link following.

Affiliate programs exist for quite a long time, and still successfully bring profit to advertisers. Such type of advertising is very profitable for owners of websites and Internet stores, as far as information about the product is distributed to the wide audience. Collaboration is common for enterprises of related industries. For example, if an online shop specializes in products for travelling and leisure activities, it can logically become an affiliate of a travel agency. Subsequently, people preparing for a vacation will be able to buy travel products on the affiliate’s website.

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