5 tips for efficient email marketing

5 tips for efficient email marketing

Email marketing allows to establish a personal contact with the target audience and gain its engagement at low price. But newsletters are efficient only while meeting the range of requirements. We have collected the main ones here.

Let’s agree that we will call email marketing a communication with users who have already signed up for your newsletter. It does not include spam. Signing up, people have shown interest and you have to keep them.

  1. Send information rather than advertisement

We are trying to cut themselves off ads, especially in email. Thus, a marketer should not call for purchase directly, but provide interesting information. For instance, style tips or selection of inspiring photos.

  1. Study your customers

To interest customers with an email letter, you should know them well. How old they are, what they are interested in, how much they earn, etc. Such researches should be conducted regularly, because your clients are changing. A married woman won’t be interested in wedding dresses that you continue to send her.

  1. Send regular newsletters

A single letter, after which you disappear for a month, won’t be efficient. It is difficult to determine the best possible newsletter frequency at once. Offer users to choose how often they want to receive your letters: once a week or every few days.

  1. Use newsletter services

If your database includes 50 addressees, manual newsletter won’t be efficient. Newsletter services allow not only to automate the process but also to get an access to statistics. They will help you to find out a percent of opened letters, amount of click through and so on.

  1. Optimize newsletter for various device types

More and more people start checking email on mobile phones. If your letter is not displayed correctly, it will be simply deleted.

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