10 common mistakes in Yandex.direct

10 common mistakes in Yandex.direct

Adjustment of advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. The main thing is to avoid a lot of mistakes. This article describes the most common ones.

  1. Ignorance of interface

Campaign strategy often suffers from this issue. An efficient rate can change exponentially if one specifies dates incorrectly, adjusts a region mistakenly, and sets wrong target audience parameters.

  1. Disregard of enhancement

Contextual advertising has a great amount of enhancements. They are designed to improve snippets, increase CTR and decrease CPC. One should use these features.

  1. Poorly sorted out priorities

There are two extremities: total economy – when one wants to spend little money, it has a bad influence on reach and views of advertisements; by all means – when limitation of expenditure of resources activates even before morning. It is better to do everything as planned and then analyze statistics and make adjustments.

  1. Wrong geo targeting

Even when campaign is structured correctly, one can obtain discouraging results. It frequently happens because of giving untargeted regions. Geography reach has a great influence.

  1. Absence of analysis

A lot of marketing specialists neglect analysis. It leads to a standstill in campaign development, as it is unclear where to invest money. Approximately 12% of marketing experts do not use any statistics system.

  1. Overexpenditure

It is necessary to put limitations on cost expenditures per day, otherwise one can waste total month advertising budget in a couple of hours.

  1. Absence of negative phrases

When campaign does not include negative words, one can spend advertising money very fast. It is a common phenomenon in campaigns focusing on broad reach.

  1. Poor headlines

One should pay careful attention to the inclusion of a key phrase in a headline and text. Obviously, it will require more time, but campaign figures will be improved significantly.

  1. Single page for everything

Very often, there are campaigns where all advertisements lead to the same page: commonly it is the main website page. Such a step is bad practice. All links should lead strictly to the relevant place.

  1. Semantics

Frequently, one uses only high-frequency phrases when adjusting campaign, but it is also necessary to focus on narrower target requests. Untargeted semantics is often applied as well, and therefore the core collects the majority of requests that do not provide conversion.

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