Learn how to apply a systematic approach in digital at RACE

Learn how to apply a systematic approach in digital at RACE

Stable success in digital marketing can be achieved just by using a systematic approach. Alexander Klimov, a speaker at RACE and owner of a digital agency Belle Digital, is sure about this. On October 7, he will tell how to put it into action effortlessly.

Although a systematic approach has been already mentioned a lot of times, most of the reports and articles on the subject are purely theoretical. At RACE, you will hear about the real know-how in this area.

The topic of the expert's report at RACE is "Systematic approach in digital. Is it a panacea or a necessity?" The speaker will talk about the following issues:

  • Structural features of successful digital units
  • AGILE approach in digital: analysis of case studies
  • Shift of focus in the control of digital processes to the concept of "validation"
  • Adaptive process regulation
  • Critical requirements to the employees of digital units

Russian Affiliate Congress will help you to keep abreast of affiliate market trends.

Come to RACE on October 7 and learn about the tactics that will lead to success for sure!

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