20 Reasons Affiliates Should Attend RACE Expo

11-12 September 2013 , in Moscow will be the second in the CIS affiliate marketing exhibition Russian Affiliate Congress & Expo (RACE).

Due to an active discussion of the upcoming event in IT community, we decided to make a list of important in our view reasons why you should attend RACE Expo.

 1. Admission to the expo is free.

 2. Great number of affiliate programs: choose the right programs for you.

 3. Perfect opportunity to negotiate your affiliate contract face to face.

 4. Opportunity to attend the free master classes in Internet marketing and e-commerce as well as listen to the industry professionals at the conference.

 5. Leading experts in their fields teaching you affiliate marketing best practices.

 6. Increase your affiliate revenue streams.

 7. Network with your peers: learn from other affiliates in the industry.

 8. Develop new marketing strategies based on the latest thinking.

 9. Conference sessions and master classes provide you with real world solutions to your problems.

 10. Our speakers are here to meet you, so a great opportunity to go up to the experts and get some one-to-one time.

 11. Conference sessions and master classes providing you with tools and tactics you can use straight away.

 12. We partner with some of the most reputable forums and trade associations you may be interested to cooperate with.

 13. Help shape the future of the affiliate community: give us feedback on what you want and who you want to see, what topics you want us to bring forward. As one of the biggest voices in the affiliate community, we take all feedback and feed it straight back into our events, our magazines and our online resources. Influence the direction of the affiliate marketplace.

 14. Learn all latest news and event only offers from affiliate programs.

 15. Meet the rising stars of tomorrow; new affiliate programs and affiliates with new and innovative ideas.

 16. Strengthen your brand by attending the show as a successful professional affiliate able to attend worldwide events.

 17. Identify new markets and new opportunities in our conference and master classes held by the industry professionals. See how others are successfully marketing in other sectors.

 18. See what your competitors are offering. Improve your business by discussing different strategies and seeing what others are doing that you should incorporate into your business model.

 19. Meet the team behind the events on the show floor! Unlike other big events we all work on site to deal with your every need.

 20. If there is a company you want to meet let us know about it. We promise to always try and get the people you need to do business.

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