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The importance of affiliate programs for casino and poker

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012 - 08:20

Attracting new customers is the primary task in online casino business. Online casino and poker players generally prefer playing on one website, so as not to waste time getting acquainted with the new interface of other websites. Therefore this is a highly competitive market. It is believed that about 50% of online casino earnings are spent on advertising.

At present, affiliate programs are the most effective and efficient way to attract new customers to the website, as it requires no additional costs or investments. Performance is the key, as the rewards are performance-based.

The advantage of casino affiliate programs is that the online casino pays only for actually attracted clients, where as the affiliate website can earn money by displaying the casino advertisements. This kind of partnership brings benefits to both parties: the casino doesn’t spend money on advertising and the affiliates can earn money.

Now we can say with confidence that the affiliate partnership is the key to your online business. In fact, it is estimated that affiliate programs account for over 65% of all online marketing activities of foreign companies.

Casino affiliates can be recruited among websites covering various topics:

- websites about moneymaking,

- entertainment websites

- adult websites

- social networks, blogs and video sharing,

- teaser and contextual advertising.

The most popular affiliate reward plans are:

- pay per click on the link

- revenue share depending on the amount of bets made by the player (from 0.3 to 1%),

- revenue share depending on the casino earnings (10 to 40% of differential between winnings and the amount of deposits made by the player).

Given the current capacity of the Internet (the speed and accessibility of information), your participation in affiliate programs will provide you a significant additional source of income. This is evidenced by the experience of well-known companies that have been already successfully using affiliate programs, such as GamblingBuilder and EuroPartners.

Rapid Internet business development requires active search for new sources of income generated by the affiliates. Each year, all current and potential affiliates gather in specialized IT forums and exhibitions to share contacts and establish advertising distribution network. Why forums? Simply because they offer a great opportunity for making direct contacts.

Russian Affiliate Congress & Expo (RACE) is the first in the CIS affiliate marketing exhibition. The event is visited by those interested in online moneymaking, both beginners and seasoned professionals in online affiliate marketing. Here you can also get to know the most effective ways of organizing affiliate programs, relevant software and system solutions, talk with the experts and learn the essentials of relationship management.