RACE Marketing Campaign


Channel Volume   Distribution
Advert   1 000 000   Industry media and portals  
Ticket Insert   550 000  Industry media and portals
Direct Mail (pre-reg)   Wave 1: 40 000 4 show postcard mailed to relevant industry contacts  

Wave 2: 40 000 Six page, square mailer to relevant industry contacts

Wave 3: 60 000 Final registration mailer with pull-out keynote flyer to relevant industry contacts
Badge carrier (+Premier Club) 14 000                         To all pre-registered visitors
Preview magazine 24 000 Distributed to the pre-registered database for each event, inserted into industry magazines  
Event Guide 10 000 Distribution at RACE EXPO 2014 to all visitors and exhibitors  
Seminar / Keynote flyer   16 000 Distribution at RACE EXPO 2014 to all visitors, sent out in Badge mailing to all pre-registered visitors, and inserted in mailings by our partners   
Inclusion in driver e-shots    More than  150 000 Distributed to relevant industry contacts  
Dedicated reminder e-shots      Up to 10 000 Distributed to all pre-reg in the run up to the event  


PR Campaign

The PR campaign will focus on securing coverage in key sector titles. The PR campaign will also focus on the online wealth of e-newsletters, blog sites and e-zines within the industry, as well including some social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Data Segmentation

We are going to utilize internal and external data lists. Internal lists will be segmented by job function and main area of activity so that we are targeting by both vertical sector and specific job function. Data will be sorted into a hierarchy of segmentation to ensure the most relevant message is reaching each group. To produce a more targeted campaign giving people with the information they are interested in, we are re-examining our strategy in order to provide relevant, timely and exciting information.

Exhibitor Marketing

This year we will be running an Exhibitor Webinar, where exhibitors will be advised on the following PR and Marketing activities that they can undertake to promote their presence at either event:


  • Emailing their customers / prospects / clients using our template & logo
  • Promote RACE EXPO on their website using our banner ads, buttons and links
  • Insert RACE EXPO material into their existing mailings
  • Promote RACE EXPO via their customer newsletters
  • Promote RACE EXPO through their sales force
  • Use RACE EXPO logo in their press releases, advertising and marketing
  • Display RACE EXPO literature in their receptions
  • Use an email signature informing of their presence at RACE EXPO
  • Send RACE EXPO customized e-tickets to their data lists
  • Utilize the online Exhibitor Zone containing Marketing & PR Guide, and Technical Manual

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