Wildberries managed to become a leader of online sales

Wildberries managed to become a leader of online sales

Wildberries online shop became the leader of the Russian e-commerce in the first half of 2016. Such data was provided by the Infoline Analytics agency.

Wildberries earned 17.2 billion rubles (VAT excluded) from online sales in six months. This is almost 19% more than in the same period of the last year. The former leader of ranking, Ulmart, dropped to second place with 16.7 billion rubles revenue.

The Infoline Analytics experts assume that Wildberries growth can be explained due to the development of the goods delivery network and the expansion of the product range. Now the shop can offer you not only clothes and shoes, but also household goods, perfumes, books, electronics, etc. As for Ulmart, it is losing ground because of the shortcomings of customer service and pricing policy.

The names of other leaders of the list can be found in the table. Mainly, those are electronics stores with a wide offline offices network.

In total, the online retail market volume increased by 26% in Russia in the first half of the year comparing with last year's figures. Now it reaches 405 billion rubles. This information is stated in a joint report of the Association of Internet Trade Companies, GFK and Mail of Russia.

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