A meeting in Yandex office and new Google services: the most interesting in Internet marketing in the last week

A meeting in Yandex office and new Google services: the most interesting in Internet marketing in the last week

Especially for you, we are telling about the most interesting events in the sphere of Internet marketing in the last week. Read about the audio advertising on Vkontakte, the launch of the new Google services and the invitation for the meeting in Yandex office in this review.

Audio ads to be published on Vkontakte

All social networks, owned by Mail.ru Group, will launch audio ads this year. Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, and My World will buy them from Digital Audio company.

The cost of ads will depend on the peculiarities of the product, advertiser’s aims, and targeting. The approximate price of RUB 350 for 1000 playbacks was announced – the price comparable to radio advertising prices.

Google Customer Reviews was launched in Russia

Google Customer Reviews service was launched in Russia last week. It enables online shoppers to leave reviews about the merchant and influence the rating of his store.

Google forms the merchant rating by gathering data from several sources, including customer reviews. The result is shown on Google Shopping and in text ads AdWords. It can be also specified on your website. In some spheres, the specification of the rating mark increases the CTR by 10%.

Google Chrome surpassed the mark of 2 billion installations

Last week Google reported that the total number of Chrome installations on various platforms exceeded 2 billion. One billion out of them account for mobile devices.

Besides that, Google has 6 other products used by over 1 billion people. They are Gmail, Android, Maps, Search, YouTube and Google Play.

YAN (Yandex Advertising Network) shifts to new interface

Yandex shifted all partners of the Advertising Network to the new version of the interface. All settings and statistics for the last 90 days were transferred there. Another week will be spent on transferring data for the previous several years. The archive will be available in the old version.

The main advantages of the new interface include the access to RTB blocks and detailed statistics, user-friendly navigation and high speed of operation.

Yandex from inside: invitation to meet the team

On November 24, at 6.30 pm, Petersburg-based Yandex office invites developers for the meeting with its team. During the meeting, Aleksandr Selivanov will tell about the quality assessment of the search engine service, Danila Dyugurov will explain what tasks Qloud encounters while developing the inner cloud platform, and Aleksandr Schekalev will answer all questions about the computing platform for random processes Nirvana.

Participation in the meeting is free of charge, but you will have to register in advance here: https://events.yandex.ru/events/meetings/24-nov-2016/register/.

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