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Video comment as a source of alternative traffic

2016-01-14 Video comment as a source of alternative traffic

In most cases it’s not sufficient to have appropriate search engine advertising, paid up posts in blogs or social networks in order to successfully promote an online store. Sooner or later everyone begins to think about alternative sources of cost effective traffic. Lately it has become common to use video reviews – or rather video comments from popular bloggers on Youtube – for online stores promotion. In this article we will share our own experience with you: how to promote a website on this video hosting.

Define the main topic of the website

It will allow you to understand whether you need to promote your online store on Youtube. If you want the maximum number of users to watch your video, the topic of the website must be compelling. For instance, everything connected to fashion, beauty, different useful accessories or interesting devices. 

When you have defined the topic and understood that you cannot do without traffic from Youtube, set goals that you need to achieve by means of promotion.

Basically they include:

  1. Brand building – branding.
  2. Getting additional links on Youtube.
  3. Driving up new traffic for the website.
  4. Increasing customer loyalty towards your brand/product.
  5. And naturally sales growth. 


Make sure you make up requirements for video bloggers

Before you start the promotion you need to discuss with your colleagues/customer what you will offer to a video blogger for posting a video on his channel. It depends on the budget of your online store and on how a video comment should look like.

You can offer the advertised product to each video blogger as a part of a deal: you will give it for free in return for posting a video comment.

When promoting an online store, the following factors are important for a video comment:

  1. Video must contain the name of the brand.
  2. It’s a must to publish the link to your online store in the video.

But don’t think that promotion with the help of video bloggers is an easy and quick process…

Be ready for slow promotion and arising of problems

First of all you need to save nerves and be patient in order to promote your website successfully. Remember one thing: it can take some time to find a good and honest video blogger. You can be looking for him for several months.  Pay attention not only to number of likes and video reposts (it’s easy to inflate them), but also to commentaries below the video. They will tell you the truth about video blogger and will allow you to decide whether it’s worth dealing with him, and whether the audience likes his media content.

The next, one of the most important stages is to explain the blogger what you need from him – down to the last detail. If you are promoting your brand, discuss that the logo must be clearly seen in the video. And if your main goal is to increase customer loyalty, stress that video blogger has to talk about the quality of product, etc. 

If he lives in another country/city, you will need to send the product by post.

You can face the following problems here:

  1. Courier service delays product delivery or fails to deliver it.
  2. The product turned out to be defective.

These problems can be solved:  you can wait till the product arrives, and in case of defective product or if it was lost, you can resend it. Unfortunately there is nothing else to do with it. 

Several nuances can hamper the promotion

First and foremost it concerns the popularity of video blogger. The more popular he is, the more terms he will specify for posting a video. It’s easy to explain: many users notice the promotional review and will accuse the blogger of being corrupted. As a result he will lose his popularity.

Make sure to explain the blogger what you want to see in the video. It will be better if he shows you the video before he posts it. Then you will be able to make corrections and make it compliant with all requirements of successful promotion. Thus you will minimize the risk of posting a low-quality video review.

It is not difficult to develop a website – make experiments and traffic of your online store will substantially go up, and your brand will create a buzz! 

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