Increase contextual advertising CTR in Yandex.Direct using 10 methods

Increase contextual advertising CTR in Yandex.Direct using 10 methods

Stormin agency experts advise how to increase a click-through rate and conversion of ads in Direct. Given below are 10 simple steps to success.

  1. Collect as many key words as possible

One of the most significant and the most difficult points. Do not limit yourself to hundred key words like the majority does. The increase of their amount will improve a click-through rate and conversion.

  1. Add key words

Such words will be fat-faced, making the ad more noticeable. One key per one ad. It should be duplicated in the headline and main text.

  1. Use negative keywords

Exclude keywords that aren’t relevant to the topic of your resource and those that almost don’t have conversion.

  1. Select an image

Just like keys, it will make the ad more noticeable.

  1. Fill in quick links

They increase CTR for 20-40%. And if showing in the first line of premium placement, they can occupy almost all space in the advertising block.

  1. Give contact information

Firstly, a block with contacts will visually expand the ad and emphasize it, and secondly, it will increase the amount of appeals to the company.

  1. Adjust time targeting

Find out when your target audience is the most active and adjust ad view based on it. You can also increase rates on certain hours (Rate control mode).

  1. Include call to action

It can do much harm in some topics, but in majority cases increases CTR for 14—70%.

  1. Analyze statistics

It is preferably to analyze statistics every day in order to remove needless requests, correct click price and ad texts.

  1. Put inefficient platforms in ban list

If platform conversion is almost or completely zero, ban your own ads on such a resource.

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