Targeted advertising: workshop from Mail.Ru Group leading expert

Targeted advertising: workshop from Mail.Ru Group leading expert

Advertising which takes unerring aim is the essence of successful targeting. Proper segmentation of the audience is the first condition that should be fulfilled in order not to blow your advertising budget.

Aleksandr Strebkov – the leading specialist of myTarget project by Mail.Ru Group and lecturer of the best marketing schools will show you how to customize advertising so that it became visible to target audience only.

The topic of his presentation at the RACE 2016: Targeted advertising and ways of its effective application.

Being a sales manager, Aleksandr took a course at Google Adwords school before joining Mail.Ru Group project. Today he develops partnerships between myTarget and advertising agencies. At the same time he makes time to hold classes at the IKRA School of interactive communications (Moscow). He is a speaker of various conferences for marketing experts and SMM specialists.

From the presentation you will learn:

  • about new tools for CTR increasing;
  • about the opposition of mobile and content advertising;
  • why groups in the Odnoklassniki are needed;
  • about new cases;
  • and much more.

At RACE 2016 you will find clearly targeted audience and the most effective tools for business monetization.

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