Ways of traffic monetization: must-know

Ways of traffic monetization: must-know

All ways of traffic monetization can be divided into two big groups: direct and indirect. We are going to tell about their specific features and varieties.

Direct monetization is a conversion of site population into buyers. Indirect monetization is an income generation from redirection of website users. In this case, a webmaster receives money not from users but from third parties, whose advertisements are posted on the website.

Ways of direct monetization:

  1. Sale of goods

This monetization model is used by online shop websites.

  1. Delayed sale

In this case, conversion of users into buyers requires more time. One can initially put website guests in the subscription base, send newsletters, and inform them about special offers and novelties. Conversion of subscribers into buyers will be gradual.

One can use groups and public pages in social networks instead of a subscriber base.

  1. Voluntary donation approach

It is appropriate for non-commercial projects. This monetization type works if the main website audience is responsible financially reliable people and a resource offers high-quality and unique content.

Types of indirect monetization:

  1. Placement of advertisements: banner, teaser and contextual ads.
  2. Publication of subscription information on the website in third parties’ subscription bases and receiving payoffs for new subscribers.
  3. Publication of references to communities and groups of third parties.
  4. Publication of third party authors’ content with the reference to their resource.

Direct and indirect monetization can be combined. For instance, an online resource selling mobile phones can place banners of the large appliances shop.

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