SEO: basic KPIs depending on the website

SEO: basic KPIs depending on the website

It is widely known that the main aim of any Internet project is to ensure a high volume of traffic which will create a necessary number of conversions (registration, sale, requests for advertisements) as a consequence. It becomes evident that indicators of generated traffic and conversion constitute basic measurement for any advertising project on the Internet. Search engine optimization is no less important. The decision on whether to continue, change or suspend a SEO campaign is taken depending on its effectiveness.

SEO is a multistage process which results in a series of basic and additional KPIs helping to evaluate the effectiveness of search engine optimization.

It is important to set priorities in chosen KPIs because:

  • Informational resources are interested in getting traffic as they receive their revenue from advertisement sales. Commercial entities want to maximize conversion during registration.
  • It is comfortable to examine sector-specific resources with a little semantic kernel using attained indicators. Resources with a big kernel are better analyzed when received traffic is seen.

Thanks to SEO one can define several groups of websites which have different KPI priorities.

  1. The official website is business card of any organization. The size of a semantic kernel depends on the company operations. If the kernel is narrow, the effectiveness will be measured by the increase of positions. If the kernel is wide, it will be more logical to use the indicator of visibility by dividing requests into website topics.
  2. Internet store is characterized by price lists and ability to place an order. KPIs are similar to those of a website because semantic kernels can be either little or large. It is possible to track the result while working with wide kernels on condition that all three major KPIs (visibility, traffic, conversion) are used.
  3. Price comparison website is an Internet store which has a huge product choice. Basic KPIs for it are the following: positions and traffic. Additional KPIs are conversion and visibility.
  4. Online newspaper. The kernel of promotion is big and is continuously enlarging due to publication of materials. Requests vary, so it is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness. It is better to use traffic.
  5. Thematic content project resembles an online newspaper the main difference being sector-specific topics. But basic KPIs remain the same as in an online newspaper.
  6. Thematic information aggregator. Such projects have a wide semantic kernel but distinct topics. Perfect KPIs in this case are positions of frequent requests.

Remember that if you need to select the most suitable indicators of effectiveness of topics, it is vital to determine the category of aforementioned resources and with that in mind choose a necessary KPI basis.

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