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Is SEO a relevant tool for your site optimization?

2016-01-05 Is SEO a relevant tool for your site optimization?

It is safe to say that many webmasters associate 2015 with a struggle against the link spam. Google has been struggling against link builders for a long time. In 2012, it launched its Penguin. However, Yandex delayed the launch of its algorithm for a long time and only in 2015, it introduced Minusinsk. According to various sources, Yandex's algorithm was visited by only 10 thousand websites out of 3 million ones. Nevertheless, the effect was unexpected for everyone and unfixed all established notions concerning the search promotion.

Links are everything to us

The classical approach to website optimization is no longer being used. SEO professionals have ceased to rely solely on a link signal. Many masters are now increasingly focusing on the content quality and usefulness.

Cluster analysis is the future of site optimization

Many trends of 2015 have never been used before. For example, numbers of involved keys was built up via the links. Now the trend has been changed: the content is processed more carefully in order to use the largest number of uncovered and new clusters.

Search engines still do not respond to the massive clusterization, even though many such websites frankly look like spam. However, at the same time, clustering and tagging continue massively to gain momentum among Runet users.

Quality content marketing is reforming the website

Today we can observe another interesting trend - the emergence of content marketing. While our western colleagues carefully worked out content marketing three years ago, we are only starting to develop it. Now it is much easier to find a website with sections, blogs, reviews, ratings and recommendations within the domestic Russian Internet than without them. Many editors wrongly do not see future in it. Content marketing is gaining popularity every day as it brings stunning results. This approach to site optimization can cover additional flows and add new motivated traffic to customer projects

In the future, content marketing will only grow. Soon copywriters will be simply able to write articles while other specialists will be engaged in editing and proofreading.


You should work on brand experience!

The content has influenced the emergence of a new trend - careful work with the brand as well as with its awareness and its impact on consumers. Its advantages involve accumulation of your branded traffic, which nobody will take away.

Mobile applications are not so effective

At the same time, all customers are stuck on mobile sites arguing that it could affect the major traffic changes. However, unfortunately, the promised metamorphosis due to the increase in attendance has not happened.

In the past year, many websites began to work on SSL. However, those actions brought no result. Moreover, Yandex has not established work procedures with such resources.

Why should I get to the top?

One of the most absurd trends, namely an idea of website promotion in the top, is beginning to lose its meaning. This is due to the loss of organic traffic. Now, paid websites have more search deliveries. If you do not extend the semantics or involve more search phrases, the website indicators will drop to the lowest levels.

Electronic trading platforms attract the attention of search engines

A growing number of aggregators put pressure on common websites due to their volumes. Now nobody will be surprised by the fact that Google in the search for goods provides links to eBay, Amazon, and similar resources. Many small online retailers or educational portals have lost their positions and completely lost out to various electronic directories and aggregators.

How to behave in the current situation

If you are very concerned about your search engine traffic, try during the website creation process to lay in the possibility to extent the number of landing pages. This will allow you to cover securely a large part of the semantics. Particular attention should be paid to the content project, namely reviews, recommendations, and the quality of the content. Learn to return motivated traffic through links, social networks and retargeting. However, it is best of all, if you take your business to the level that is not dependent on the Internet. Search traffic will simply be an additional channel for new customers.

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