PVL: new feature of Yandex.Metrica

PVL: new feature of Yandex.Metrica

Now, Yandex.Metrica features a new PVL indicator. It provides information on how often users go to websites depending on the receipt/non-receipt of advertising. For the calculation, the comparison of the conversion of offline visits to an “advertising” and “non-advertising” audience is used.

Currently, PVL can be measured both for the Yandex advertising audience, and for all website visitors who could come from any other channels.

A “post-click” indicator appears in the Metrica with an accessible level of detail, similarly as for the other data. For example, PVL can be calculated as for ad and keywords.

PVL formula:

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  • visitors_site - offline visitors (visited the website);
  • bypassers_site - bypassing users (visited the website);
  • visitors_non-site - offline visitors (haven’t visit the website);
  • bypassers_non-site - bypassing users (haven’t visit the website).

Now, the new indicator is at the testing stage.

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