Useful and simple: 5 services for creating dynamic content in email newsletter

Useful and simple: 5 services for creating dynamic content in email newsletter

Despite proven efficiency, few marketers use dynamic content in newsletters yet. The main reason is seeming setting complexity. But specialized services allow to create dynamic content letters even without special IT skills.

Why newsletter requires dynamic content

You open the letter and just then its content is changed depending on your request history, time of day and other factors. Broadly speaking, it is this way how dynamic content works in newsletter.

Unlike segmentation, the application of dynamic content allows to reach the higher level of personalization. It leads to:

  • the decrease of the amount of unsubscribed users;
  • the increase of subscribers’ loyalty;
  • the growth of sales.

Dynamic content use cases

Dynamic content can be adjusted depending on various parameters:

  • subscriber’s purchase history;
  • gender and age;
  • date of birth (for instance, special offers for birthdays);
  • geographic location;
  • weather (opportunity to offer various product categories);
  • time of opening letters and so on.

Some of such data are provided even by subscribers (for example, while filling in a profile). Other information should be collected in a special way: the history of interaction with a newsletter and website, device type, time of opening letters, etc.

To adjust dynamic content, one requires special knowledge in the layout field. If you don’t have this knowledge, you can use one of user-friendly interface services.

Динамичный контент

Russian-language services for creating dynamic content in email newsletter

  1. Dripmail

The email marketing automation service, allowing to adjust dynamic content.

Available targets: demography, interaction with the website.

The service can be tested for free within 2 weeks.

Then you will be offered 3 rate types: BASIC ($9 per month), PLUS ($49), and ENTERPRISE ($149).

  1. Maligen

The automation service, integrating with any CRM system. Pleasant special feature is the availability of free letter patterns.

Available targets: demography, email domain, geo, purchase history.

Content can be sent depending on two factors: 1) a subscriber corresponds to the certain criteria; 2) a subscriber doesn’t correspond to the certain criteria.

Free testing period: 30 days.

Three rate types: 1770, 2655 and 22 500 rubles per month.

  1. GetResponse

To provide personalization, the service offers to use the system of points and tags. The latters can be used as triggers.

There is a free demo version and 4 rate types: 15, 49, 165 and 650 dollars per month.

  1. eSputnik

The automation service, working not only with email but also with SMS newsletter.

Available targets: subscriber name, demography, geographic location, website behavior history.

You can choose the free rate – 0.125 rubles per letter. License fee rates cost at least 500 rubles per month.

  1. Sendsay

This platform also works with both email and SMS.

There are targets based on personal user data. You can include personal promotional codes and attachments into letters.

Demo version is absent, but there is a free rate called Start (up to 200 addresses and up to 1000 letters per month). It also has several rate types called Business and individual rates.

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