Why Internet shoppers leave their carts: fresh research

Why Internet shoppers leave their carts: fresh research

Such analytics companies as SaleCycle, Visual Website Optimizer and Smart Insights tell about certain days when customers most commonly leave products in shopping carts and determine the reasons.

  1. The worst days

SaleCycle has analyzed data on billions of left carts and found out: people mostly withdraw orders on Tuesday. The most successful time for online shops is Saturday evening between 8 and 9 p.m. It is this period when the rate of the left carts is the least.

  1. Tablet / smartphone / desktop?

Smart Insights research for Q3 of the previous year shows that people most actively add goods into carts from tablets and desktops (10.26 and 10.42% against 6.16% for smartphones).

  1. Reasons of leaving carts

According to Visual Website Optimizer data, the most popular reasons are additional delivery costs (28% of cases), necessity to create accounts (23%) and intention to find out additional information (16%).

  1. Bounce rate according to sectors

SaleCycle has found out that tourism and financial services have the highest bounce rate (80.4% and 79.3%). Fashion products and games face the minimal bounce rate. According to experts, it is caused by easy order and return options.

  1. Efficient remarketing

SMS remarketing is much better that email sending. Sale Cycle found out the following: in 2016, customers read 98% of SMS. Besides, 90% of SMS were read within 3 minutes after receiving. SMS CTR reaches 36% while email CTR hardly exceeds 3%.

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