Google AdWords introduces new way to load landing pages

Google AdWords introduces new way to load landing pages

According to AdWords analytics, even a one second delay in mobile page loading can decrease conversion. By the way, processing of tracking codes is delayed on hundreds of milliseconds. It happens that clicking on any ad, users wait too long until multiple redirections to a landing page complete. And far from everyone will withstand such a long-suffering process.

To avoid such loading delays, Google specialists are presenting an innovation: parallel tracking. Therefore, one will be able to load an advertiser’s landing page faster.

This technology functions in such a way: website’s potential customers click on a necessary ad and shift to it using a final URL address, while tracking is run in background. As the result, users will be able to obtain the information they are interested in without leaving the website because of long loading of the landing page.

Currently, Google’s novelty is available for trading and search network campaigns. One will be able to apply the technology comprehensively in 2018, and it will be launched in the end of 2017.

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