New SEO trends: what has changed in the last two years

New SEO trends: what has changed in the last two years

SEO technologies have changed quite a lot in the last few years. What should SEO specialist take into consideration to efficiently promote websites?

Tightening rules

Search engines are constantly tightening rules. For example, earlier it was recommended not to buy links. Today it is penalized (Google's Penguin Algorithm and Yandex Algorithm Minusinsk). If earlier there was a tendency to build up a link profile, now it is usually cleaned up. Today a large amount of links is used only for grey market websites, and it is unacceptable to use them for white market websites.

New algorithms are also tracked in order to ensure that there are no advertisements and popup windows in the first result screen, and to make sure that website offers content relevant to the query, etc. In the end of the last year Yandex began to penalize websites for clickjacking – allocation of hidden elements in order to fraudulently collect user’s private data.

Transformation of ranking factors

  • Behavioral factors become extremely important (behavior of user on the website). For commercial pages usability and number of transactions are taken into account, as well as indicated price and contacts.
  • For Google one of the ranking factors became https.
  • Due to increase of mobile traffic Google introduced Mobile-geddon algorithm: user-friendliness of mobile use is factored in.
  • To give new websites a chance, Yandex introduced the algorithm of multi-armed bandit: it occasionally adds random results to the top. It means that even thoroughly optimized website won’t necessarily get top positions in search results. 
  • New algorithm RankBrain from Google was created for processing short queries. For example, if user enters “teacher of Ninja Turtles” into the search line, the first thing he will see will be a Wiki article about Splinter – the article that does not contain a word from the query, but answers user’s question.

New services also appear. For example, for promotion of commercial websites one can use Yandex.Spravochnik. Addresses of company offices can be stated there to make them available in contacts. It will influence snippets; people will be able to leave feedbacks there, which will influence ranking in general. 

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